Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which materials are used for manufacturing Just Craft rolls?

Our rolls are sewn from high-quality natural leather of cattle by the best craftsmen of Belarus. All models of cases are stitched with strong threads and equipped with metal fittings. We take great pride in our work – and we are sure that you will be satisfied too : )

How many knives does the roll accommodate?

Just Craft rolls are sewn for accommodating 6, 8 and 10 knives. The number of knives depends on the model you choose.

Are the knives included?

No, they are not.

But! You can fill your Just Craft roll with everything you need, depending on individual preferences and needs.

By the way, you can store not only knives in your roll, but also other cooking tools, for example, graters, cooking knives and spatulas.

Why do you need to store knives in special rolls?

Storing your knives correctly makes sure that your number one tool will never let you down.

When stored in case, metal plates don’t touch knife blades – this is one of the most significant factors of guaranteeing their sharpness. We paid special attention to this point.

Due to the optimal distance between the pockets inside our knife rolls, knives don’t touch the cutting surfaces of each other. You definitely won’t get any nicks on your favorite knife because of careless transportation or storage.

Leather cloth-valve inside the roll is the additional protection for knives and cooking tools.

Is it possible to apply an individual pattern or a logo on the roll?

Yes, an individual pattern or your company logo can be applied on the valve or the front side of the knife roll by laser engraving. This is a very fast and inexpensive process, which requires only a vector sketch from you.

I want to have a custom-made Just Craft roll. Is it possible?

Yes, you can choose a model from the rolls in stock or have it custom-made. The lead time is 2-3 days.



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